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How to trade with our Trusts

Tenderers may apply online to express an interest in both existing and new tender opportunities.

The Leicestershire and Rutland Procurement Partnership has published this internet site and relating documentation to provide assistance to organisations wishing to provide the Trusts with goods and services.

The Trusts follow the principles of equal opportunities in all their business undertakings, and believe that any properly constituted organisation has the potential to supply the Trusts regardless of the size of the organisation. The Trusts are able therefore to contract with any organisation able to meet its minimum standards and requirements, and currently trade with both National organisations and local, small and medium sized enterprises.

It is our intention to use these pages to inform interested parties about tenders and contracts, the procedures that the Trusts are required to follow and background information that we hope will enable potential suppliers of goods and services, to gain a better knowledge of how the Trusts work and what their expectations are.

Competitive Tendering and Financial Limits

Where there is not a contract in place and aggregated spend over 4 years as a defined commodity exceeds the Trust's financial threshold, then competition is sought on behalf of Trusts by a process of competitive tendering. Each Trust has a financial limit over which formal competitive tenders must be obtained, as defined in the Trusts' Standing Orders:

tendering 1 - new

Unless a contract already exists or the Trusts Chief Executive/Managing Director waivers the need for competition by formal approval of The Waiver Form, formal tendering must be undertaken where the value of the procurement exceeds these limits.The Waiver form cannot be used for procurement where the value requires EU tendering.

Where a consortium of Trusts work together, the lowest Trust financial limits is used to define the action required.

Each Trust's standing orders also state limits over which 3 competitive quotations must be obtained unless the goods or services are available via National Contract or Local Contract:

tendering 2 - new

EU Procurement Regulations

If the expenditure for the supply of goods and services is likely to exceed £118,133.00 (at 1 Jan 2018) excluding VAT, the Trusts must comply with EU Legislation for Procurement. Chief Executive Waiver cannot be requested for expenditure of this value.

The tender process can take at least 6 months to prepare and award, and very often up to a year for complex procurements.

Please speak to the Procurement office for advice regarding the EU legislation; Trusts found to be in contravention of the regulations can be subject to a fine of up to 10% of the Trust turnover.

All Trusts tenders opportunities over £118,133.00 are published electronically in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).


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01 January 2014

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