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The Contract for booking Rail Tickets and all travel needs, plus venue booking is available via the Click Travel web-based booking system, which can be found here (Google Chrome/IE9 required)

The Contract allows LPT staff, who have been given prior access, password controlled access across the full booking site. Rail bookings can be made in advance of the travel date, making significant savings on the cost of buying tickets on the day, or booking personally. By using the contract, staff will no longer have to pay for the tickets themselves, and reclaim via expenses – the Trust receives one consolidated monthly invoice, which will then be charged back to the department using the cost centre given when the booking is confirmed, allowing an auditable trail of staff travel and above all significant trustwide contract savings.

Train tickets will normally be collected on departure (TOD) at the station, dispensed from the Fast Ticket machines located in most station foyers, or can be posted to the traveller’s base address.

All requirements for Hotel accommodation must also via the booking office be booked through the Click Travel Contract. Hotels can be searched for by location and booked online using the contracted rates already sourced by Click Travel.

All Venue bookings for Trustheld conferences, training sessions etc. should be sourced and booked via the Click Travel Contract. 

One login gives the user access to all booking areas – Rail, Hotel & Venue bookings.


To register for the system, send an email to Tracy Bryan the Travel Administrator in the Procurement Department, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8TH Stating your full contact details and the first four digits of your cost centre, and also who the authoriser will be for bookings made. Once these details are received and logged a user profile will be created with details forwarded to the user with login details and password via email.

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