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 Purchase Order Procedure

Once received in Procurement, the requisition is actioned and converted into an order within the Oracle financial software system. This process includes ensuring that:-

- We have fully understood your requirements

- All relevant Safety and Quality Assurance procedures have been carried out

- Your requirement complies with Trust Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions

- Contract/tender source has been checked or confirmed 


The result is a PURCHASE ORDER, uniquely numbered and identifiable to your Trust. The order is automatically emailed to the Supplier.

The Purchase order serves TWO fundamental purposes.

1. IT IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT between the Trust and the Supplier and makes reference to the NHS Terms and Conditions of contract governing the arrangement

2. It facilitates the efficient and timely payment of the invoice



01 January 2014

New EU Threshold limits for 2014

The EC Procurement Threshold limits have changed from the 1st January 2014. Please click here to view threshold limits   

CE Waiver Revised Form - LPT only

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01 January 2014

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01 January 2014

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