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 Purchasing Cards

What are Purchasing Cards


The original purpose of the Purchasing Card Scheme was to simplify the purchase of low value goods/urgent services by avoiding, wherever possible, the generation and handling of paperwork, whilst maintaining accountability and audit trails.


When are they used ? 


When the Cardholder decides to use their card they must consider;-

a) If the item/service they wish to order falls within the categories for which their card is set up, and is the item/service allowed to be ordered via the card in accordance with this guidance document?

b) Will the cost be within their credit limit (including vat, Postage and Packing or Delivery charges)?

If the answer to either of these points is ‘No’, then normal purchasing procedures (NHS Supply Chain or Non-Stock Iproc Requisition) should be followed.

The cardholder also needs to consider if the items/service represents best “Value for Money”. Further advice on VFM and access to NHS Contracts is available by contacting any member of the Procurement Dept.


Applying & Guides for a Purchasing Card


    Purchasing Card Manual

Procedure manual for purchasing card 

    Purchasing card application form procedures

Guidelines for completing the LPT internal application,the Natwest cardholder application and the Natwest transaction blocking form.

    Transaction Blocking

The Natwest Card Trasaction Blocking Form is used as a control mechanism for tailoring card use against the 34 merchant categories listed.

    Cardholder Application

The standard Natwest application form

    Application Form

The internal application form


Monitoring of Card Use

All Purchasing Card transactions are monitored, to ensure that they are appropriate and compliant. All card holders submit to the Procurement Department, within 7 days of receiving their monthly statements:

a) A photocopy of their latest statement, and

b) Photocopies of all the receipts which relates to the statement

The receipts are checked and any queries dealt with as necessary.

Misuse of the Purchasing Card will lead to the card being cancelled



01 January 2014

New EU Threshold limits for 2014

The EC Procurement Threshold limits have changed from the 1st January 2014. Please click here to view threshold limits   

CE Waiver Revised Form - LPT only

From 1st November 2014 a revised CE waiver form has been agreed for use in LPT read more


01 January 2014

NHS Supply Chain News

For the latest NHS Supplychain news, publications ,notices and product updates please visit their site here


01 January 2014

Contract News

Details of recent contracts issued by the Trust/Organisation and the latest contract news can be found here

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